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An RP based on the universe created in Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid series. Set a few weeks after the Tanker Incident of Metal Gear Solid 2, the RP focuses on an elite special forces unit (Called Cyanide, of the same ilk as Deadcell and FOXHOUND,) and their soon to begin mission, in which they might be visiting Zanzibar Land in an attempt to stop Uber Terrorists, headed by Crisis Snake.

It is GM'd by Author-Man.


The main group, on which the story is focusing.

Player Characters:

  • Shockwave (TeddVerres): Electronics specialist. Conducts electricity as a result of a power plant accident.
  • Scavenger (Quadraxis): Master of Disguise and Master thief. Knows about the Patriots. Steals dog tags off people for fun and profit.
  • Advent (Author-Man): One of Cyanide's resident Mystics. Travels through shadows.
  • Cipher (Ciennas): An accomplished hacker, with two distinct personalities as a result of a science experiment. Links with and controls computer controlled devices.

Non Player Characters:

  • Hawk: Commander of Cyanide. Speaks with a Texas drawl, or at least would if he would lower his voice below a shout. Codec Frequency: 140.85.
  • Fawkes: Data Specialist for the duration of this mission. Her Frequency is 140.96.

Villains thus far

  • Crisis Snake: Leader of the enemy forces, who are in need of a name. Attempting to trap his brother, Chemical Snake.
  • Aspenari: Enemy hacker of some merit, has attacked Cipher while he was trying to locate information on Crisis Snake. Name is based on the latin word for "scorn".
  • Deamon: An underling of Crisis. Specialises in hand-to-hand combat. Latin for "demon".
  • Mendax: An underling of Crisis. Specialises in espionage. Latin for "liar".
  • Gladius: An undeerling of Crisis. Specialises in weaponry and artillery. Latin for "sword".

Current Status

Cyanide is open for new recruits as of the time of this article's publication. You don't even need to know about Metal Gear Solid to play, although it can help on occasion. Fortunately, Ciennas posts enough backstory to get you going. We love you, Ciennas.

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